#RDCongo #Soudan : alerter les consciences

Par Sephora Lukoki Kapinga.

Une image vaut mille mots. Face aux génocides, aux crimes, aux viols commis en République Démocratique du Congo et au Soudan, l’artiste Angelica a dessiné et écrit ce texte.

Instagram : @angelie__ngelie

« One day I just sat there and wondered what I could do at my level to create awareness about the situation in Sudan ( if you don’t know what happened please get yourself informed ).

As I was thinking about what to do,I thought about my Country the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

AND I just realised how similar these two countries are. And how so many of us out there aren’t aware of the gravity of the situation. 

So If you didn’t know anything… Imma tell you what I know. 

They both have more then 10 years of morbid history…war, army conflicts, rape, tyranny, unspeakable violence, injustice, humiliation. 

Darfur here. Kivu there. Millions of people leaving their homes and running away to save their lives.

Political leaders fueling the hatred and doing nothing to protect their people. 

Congo has been known as the world capital of rape. 

Sudan has been known as one of the poorest countries. 

Where did humanity go? 

They Do NOT DESERVE to be killed like animals, moved from their homes , and be refused their legitimate rights to Express themselves and live in a peaceful environment. 

So here I am with these two sisters. 

Holding each other and crying over everything they lost. And still are loosing.

They’re crying for little Soraya who have been mutilated and raped . They’re crying for Ahmed who lost a leg when he went to walk for his rights. They’re crying for these parents who died and left their 5 years old behind. They’re crying for the hunger. The shutdown of all the communications means. The injustice. The dead bodies thrown in the Nil. The Dead bodies in Kasaï. The silence of the world.


Where did humanity go?

Please help me create awareness. »

La suite de son travail est disponible sur son Instagram : @angelie__ngelie

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